3 reasons why Generation Z loves YouTube

Social Media Specialist

Mareille Mulder

10 Dec 2019

Who is Gen Z?

There is a lot of talk about Generation Z as the new consumer base to consider. But what do we actually know about them? This new generation of consumers is born between 1996 and 2010 and has never (consciously) known as a world without social media. Their heroes are not the traditional media figures, but, rather, they are digital influencers that have found fame on Gen Z’s favorite social channels. From an outsider perspective, this group of digital natives has been criticized for being distracted too quickly. If we told you that Generation Z watches approximately 68 online videos a day on 5 different social platforms, you’d almost agree. However, we’re not one to criticize – we prefer discovering why this Generation Z loves video content so much.

Reason #1 – I’d rather stay browsing…

Gen Z grew up with reporting about 9/11, other terrorist attacks, natural disasters, etc. Basically: a world on the brink of crisis. This made our new generation feel worried and less secure. They’d rather stay in their room connecting with their friends and browsing through fun, catchy social content than going out and being confronted with a harsh reality. Can you blame ‘em?

Entertain me
So what do they like to do when they’re staying home? 95% of Gen Z’ers say that they use YouTube and 50% say they can’t live without it. Their main reasons for scrolling through YouTube is to look at ‘how-to’ info (66%) and to have a good laugh (51%). Keeping it light and breezy will do the trick.

Reason #2 – …but I do feel like a citizen of the world…

Gen Z’ers consider themselves citizens of the world. That is only natural, with the internet and social media making the world a lot smaller, closer by and connected. Gen Z’s standards are defined by what is happening on their social channels, which makes borders blur easily. National borders, but also the boundaries between on- and offline are vague to Gen Z.

Influence me
This generation follows influencers from all over the globe. These influencers create all kinds of video content in which the Gen Z’er feels personally addressed. They feel present in the intimate moment's different influencers share with them, making them feel less alone and, thus, connected. Generation Z says that they watch both long videos (71%) as short videos (46%) on YouTube, with one of the main drivers to watch a video being a personal connection.

Reason #3 – …and I really want to learn

In contrary to what some of the older generations believe, Generation Z does want to learn. However, they need a different method of learning compared to ‘old-school’ habits. Older generations are used to the traditional teacher-student method, while the newest generation fares best with digital platforms. For them, innovation is key.

Teach me

One of the prime indicators of the above? This generation goes straight to YouTube when looking for help. A whopping 80% of Gen Z says YouTube has helped them to become more knowledgeable about something. 68% of the generation says the platform has helped them improve or gain skills that will help them prepare for the future.


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