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Meet the Dorstlessers!

A social team of 35 creatives, strategists, producers, social specialists and content creators

Birgit Zuurveld

Managing Director

Robert Withagen

Co-founder / Creative Director

Niels Verhoeven


Sophie van der Togt

Head of Account & Production

Josephine Figee

Account Producer

Denise Groen

Head of Content

Maud Olieslagers

Head of Social

Marco van Gils

Social Media Specialist

Salony Saxena

Head of Account (Belgium)

Meinte Stinstra

Creative & Innovation Manager

Josse van Meegeren

Account Producer

Wessel Torn

Video editor

Mareille Mulder

Social Media Specialist

Bob Waaijer

Account Producer

Dominique Point

Content Creative

Sascha Gorter


Tobias van Kempen

Motion Graphic Designer

Margje Gerritse

Social Media Specialist

Manon van Lith

Content Creative

Sarah Meskens

Social Media Specialist (Belgium)

Marco Visscher

Content Creative

Merel Klijn Velderman

Account Strategist

Sanne Michielsen

Jr. Content Creative

Marcelle Ohm

Jr. Editor

Marleen Joosten

Jr. Content Creative

Kimberly de Boom

Jr. Social Media Specialist

Michiel Broeders

Jr. Account Producer

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